"Lenny is the most knowledgeable and creative Pilates instructor I have ever met.  He comes prepared to each session with targeted workouts that have greatly improved my alignment and stability.  I've done Pilates for over 10 years and none of my previous trainers has made as much of a difference in my flexibility, strength and body shape as he has.  I am a golfer and since Lenny has been my trainer 10 strokes have been shaved off my score.  He is awesome!!!" - Estie 

"Lenny is a life changer. I met him through taking classes at Pilates Reforming NY as it was close to my place of work. After just 1 class I was hooked and began coming back every week. Shortly after that I requested him for private sessions. He has changed the way my body looks and the way it feels. I love him for his eye for my weakness, compensations and for his knowledge and craft. I can't thank him enough and will continue to train with him for as long as we both live in the same place!!!" - Barbi